Autumn. Bizon. Car racing

19 October 2016

One time in a year, in the middle of autumn, the employees of company Bizon glue on their cars starting numbers. Realization of corporate car races in a company is the real tradition. The competition becomes more popular: the number of participants and audience grows, sport regulation becomes more and more complicated.

Autumn. Bizon. Car racing

On the 15-th of October, 55 persons battled in race, including 11 women. The stages of the competitions differed in interesting configurations. On steep turn the participants had to show not only the best time but also management exactness transport vehicles. The riders started in pairs, play of the leaving from the first race. Women separately from men. Motorists had to demonstrate skills of autoslalom: to overcome the «snake» (front and rear), «parking in boxing», «eight», «turn», «speed area». The main thing to come first, without hitting cones, correctly performing figures, without breaking the finish line «base." The power car is not the most important. It is more important to feel the dimensions of your car and possess maneuvering.
A new stage — a new combination of figures, even more speed and squeal of tires, louder than the screams of the fans…

The High-speed maneuvering can be performed not only by cars, but also on truck. It was proved by the drivers of heavy vehicles — employees of the transport department of the company. Demonstration performances of trucks with a capacity of 400 HP on a compact track charmed by lightness and virtuosity.

The most spectacular and unpredictable became team competition of employees (four teams for four racing drivers). And the thing is that the baton had to pass not only in cars, but on bicycles as well. Racing drivers fell, tore chains, skipping rolled bicycles to their cars. From injuries sportsmen protected the helmet, which acted as relay batons.

A Bright impression was left by performances in pauses between the stages of the leading Russian command on stunt ride — Legend Stunt Team. Extreme drift show on motorcycles, guad bike and «charged» Smart added a heat and a bit smoke of burning tires in this cool autumn day. Riding on the rear wheel and stops on the front driving wheels stuck in the slope, the pair skating in a synchronous or a handshake in the balance on the moving motorcycle… Amazing stunts and perfect technique!

Decisive for automobile drivers become final high-speed maneuvers. Arrivals are to two victories.
A persistent struggle did not abate until the very last second. And exactly on the last second, knocking the chip and received the penalty points, the victory was missed out by a pretender № 1 — Evgeniy Vinnikov, a representative of the RSM Centre. First place in the men’s competition won Igor Sachko, manager who works with clients. A woman finale became no less dramatic. Tatiana Smachnaya from the Department of agricultural machinery, came to the finish line first, was not able to continue a competition. A car broke ranks, and together with him participant of races. Technical victory was reached to Tatiana Chencova, the representative of the branch «Bizon-Orlovskiy».
In the team competition the best was the service of working with clients.


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