The sowing of crops has been completed on the holding's farms

09 June 2023

During the spring, peas, barley, flax, annual and perennial grasses, chickpeas and sunflowers were sown at the agricultural enterprises «Zarya Dona» and «Krasnokutskoye» (part of the agrotechnological holding «Bizon»). The total area of spring crops amounted to more than 5000 hectares. Another 6000 hectares are under winter wheat.

The sowing of crops has been completed on the holding's farms

This agricultural year, all sowing work was carried out with the simultaneous application of granular complex and liquid nitrogen fertilizers. The equipment was equipped with special containers on a semi-trailer frame, located immediately behind the tractors. Fertilizers were supplied from the barrels to the seeders. Micro and macroelements entered the soil along with the seeds, providing the necessary nutrition in the early phase of plant growth, which will lead to a significant increase in yield. Last year in such fields it reached 65 c/ha.

All crops in the holding’s agricultural enterprises are cultivated using resource-saving technologies. Powerful tractors, wide-cut tillage and seeding complexes are used in field work.

Today, crops are treated with means of protection against pests and diseases, and they are also fertilized. High accuracy of vehicle movement is ensured by a satellite navigation system. In June, will begin hay harvesting for shareholders.

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