Our employees have laid out a new tourist cycling route

25 September 2023

On September 23, employees of the agrotechnological holding «Bizon» held their fifth corporate bike tour. During the day, our cyclists mastered a new tourist route through the sights of the Ust-Donetsk region.

Our employees have laid out a new tourist cycling route

28 cyclists led by the general director took part in the race. The total distance exceeded 35 kilometers. The path ran along asphalt and dirt roads at a calm cycling pace. Average speed is 20 km/h. Delivery to the route and return to the city was provided by motor transport. The Ust-Donetsk district is located in the center of the Rostov region — in the «Heart of the Don," as its tourism slogan says. Despite the fact that this is the youngest district in the region (founded in 1965), it has a very rich history.

The starting point of the bike ride was the observation deck at the Melikhovo turn. In clear weather, the area from here can be seen for 100 kilometers. Bicycle preparation and start at 9–25. At the fork we turned towards village Pukhlyakovsky (founded in 1780), known from the novel «Gypsy» by Anatoly Kalinin.5 kilometers on asphalt (test drive) and a stop at the Cossack Stan. The interactive museum introduced the life of the Don Cossacks — residential and outbuildings, a forge, a cellar, a shish, animal bases… In the center there is a Cossack kuren and a letnitsa with a furnace stove. We practiced archery, studied Cossack weapons and local culinary dishes. As a farewell we fired a salvo from a cannon and headed off by bus to the next stage.

11–15, turn to station. Razdorskaya — the second section of the cycling route (23 km). We stopped by the first capital of the Don Cossacks (mentioned back in 1571). Until 1622, the center of the Don Army was located in «Discord». We stopped in the park at the memorial to the soldiers-liberators. Then we drove along a country road along the picturesque bank of the river. Don with sandy beaches and recreation areas. Wrapped in village Konygin (founded in 1788), where we visited the Nativity of the Virgin Mary Church, built in 1879. This is the oldest church in the Rostov region, where services did not stop even during the years of persecution of the church. Having covered the remaining 10 km of the section, the cyclists were at the ferry crossing in Semikarakorsk. Here, in the «green parking lot», dry rations from the Kolosok cafe were waiting for them.

The tourists took the bus to village Chumakovsky. At 15–15 the third cycling race begins (7 km). Stop at village Nizhnekundryuchenskaya (until 1655 — the Cossack town of Kundryuchya) near the Church of the Nativity of Christ, which built in 1906 and considered the largest rural Orthodox church in Europe. We talked with the abbot and received books about the history of the temple as a gift. The participants of the bike ride finished at 16.00 in the deer nursery next to village Listopadov. Today, about 300 individuals live here: deer, sika deer, and European fallow deer. During an excursion through the forest in GAZ-66 cars converted into safari trucks, our employees were driven along an ecological trail through sandy enclosures, where they saw animals in their natural habitat. A hearty dinner was prepared for the cyclists at the deer nursery, where everyone was able to share their impressions of the day.

The cyclists successfully covered the entire distance of Saturday’s ride. No one needed first aid kits with bandages and iodine. Along the route, cyclists were accompanied by a bus and vans, so there was an opportunity to leave the race early. The cyclists arrived at the central office of the agrotechnological holding «Bizon» in Rostov-on-Don at 21.00 safe, sound and in a good mood.

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