An agrotechnological practical work was held at the «Zarya Dona» and «Krasnokutskoye» farms

11 October 2023

Employees of the central office and branches of the «Bizon» holding took part in an agrotechnological practical work at the «Zarya Dona» and «Krasnokutskoye» farms in the Oktyabrsky district of the Rostov region. Over the course of a week, about 60 managers of sales and purchasing departments became familiar with the results of using resource-saving technologies and modern equipment in agricultural enterprises.

An agrotechnological practical work was held at the «Zarya Dona» and «Krasnokutskoye» farms

The company’s specialists were presented with the results of more than 15 years of work in agriculture (the farms became part of the «Bizon» holding in 2007). On 11 thousand hectares, agricultural enterprises, instead of the traditional pursuit of the harvest, rely on obtaining maximum profitability.

The employees visited sunflower harvesting and winter wheat sowing. The chief agronomist of the farms, Eduard Smolyakov, shared his experience in soil preparation and sowing using traditional, minimal and no-till technologies, the use of high-quality crop rotation, his own preparation of plant protection products and liquid fertilizers at mortar units, and post-harvest grain processing. Agricultural technologists Vasily Abashkin and Vladimir Gapon spoke about the features of the selection and operation of modern equipment in the fields.

An effective model for increasing labor productivity, implemented in LLC «Zarya Dona» and LLC «Krasnokutskoye», can be applied to any farm with adjustments to natural and climatic conditions. Therefore, the agrotechnological practical work is designed to broaden the horizons of our specialists, present them with a positive example of conducting agribusiness, as well as modern equipment and management solutions that are necessary for agricultural enterprises to move to a new technological level.

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