From Europe to Asia: the holding’s employees laid out a new cycling route

12 May 2024

On May 11, employees of the company Bizon held their sixth corporate bike tour. During the day, cyclists mastered a new tourist route through the sights and memorable places of the Veselovsky district of the Rostov region. The bike ride was dedicated to Victory Day and the 30-th anniversary of the company.

From Europe to Asia: the holding’s employees laid out a new cycling route

Took part in the bike ride 34 people, led by the general director. Among them are two friends of the company Bizon from Germany and the head of the administration of the Veselovsky district, who gave the event an international and official status. The total distance was 73 kilometers. The route ran along paved and dirt roads (approximately 50/50). At an average cycling pace we rode through farmsteads, fields, meadows and even the shore of Salt Lake, where we observed a flock of swans. A «green» parking lot was made in the forest near the spring. Delivery to the route and return to the city was provided by motor transport.

The Veselovsky district (until the 17-th century — Wild Field) is located in the center of the Rostov region, around a reservoir about 97.5 km long. The distance of the regional center from Rostov-on-Don is 100 km. A settlement founded in 1845 by Cossacks from village Bagaevskaya, was originally called Semiizbyanka. Since 1873, it began to be called the Cheerful Farm, since in the local tavern, after making profitable deals, merchants heading to Salsk often indulged in fun.

Today the area of the district is 1355 square meter km, it is divided between two parts of the world along the Manych River. Therefore, the starting point of the bike ride was chosen as the «border outpost» — a cultural and historical complex in the village. Controversial with a memorial sign «Europe — Asia», reflecting the unique geographical position of the area, and a memorial «Border Guards of All Generations» in honor of the defenders of the country’s borders. The route was laid in the direction from Europe to Asia.

Along the route, workers from cultural institutions introduced cyclists to the history and sights. Before the start, the race participants laid flowers at the memorial at the Veselovsky waterworks, installed at the site of the execution of more than 50 Red Army soldiers in January 1943. Then they paid tribute to the memory of the partisans in village Verkhniy Khomutets. In village Cossacks visited the memorial to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, the historical and local history museum of military glory «Memory» and the grave of the commandant (sailor-artilleryman) of the cruiser «Aurora» Evdokim Ognev, who fired the gun that became the signal for the storming of the Winter Palace in 1917.

Another stop on the route was the «Horsemen» monument, dedicated to Boris Dumenko, a native of the area and the creator of the consolidated cavalry corps, on the basis of which the First and Second Cavalry Armies were deployed. Already in the late afternoon, cyclists entered the village Red October, which founded in 1926 by a commune from South America. At the monument to «Those who laid the first furrow» in the form of a Universal tractor from the Red Putilovets plant, tourists took a group photo.

The participants of the bike ride finished at 17.00. A hearty dinner was prepared for them on the picturesque bank of the Manych River, where everyone was able to share their impressions of the day. The cyclists completed the entire distance of Saturday’s run safely. No one needed first aid kits with bandages and iodine. Along the route, the employees were accompanied by a technical support vehicle with a paramedic, a bus and vans, so there was an opportunity to leave the race ahead of schedule. The travelers arrived in Rostov-on-Don at 21.00 safe and in a good mood.

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