Bizon showed the main trends of the agricultural machinery market

16 March 2017

Combines, tractors, telescopic loaders, soil tillage, seeding and fertilizer… On the exhibition «Interagromash» the company Bizon introduced new products of domestic and world engineering, which aimed to reduce cost of agricultural products and improve the profitability of agriculture.

Bizon showed the main trends of the agricultural machinery market

For the first time Bizon showed modern high-performance grain and forage harvesters «Polesie» (4 models) at the exhibition. The technology will provide farmers with fast, high-quality and economical cleaning. Machines are produced in our country, perfectly adapted to work in difficult field conditions and with hard-to-re-moistened crops of high humidity. The average payback period is 3 years. Demand for combines «Polesie» is constantly growing. Today their share in the domestic market of harvesters is about 26–30%. On the opening day of the exhibition on the pavilion of the company Bizon was signed a contract for the delivery of the 16,000th Polesie combine harvester in Russia.

Responding to the needs of farmers, Bizon proposed a new product — the universal compact tractor Massey Ferguson 6713. The machine is equipped with an engine of 130 HP and is intended for use in animal and crop production, communal services as well. The technology is ideal for agricultural enterprises that need a simple, economical and reliable tractor. At the exhibition the line of tractors was continued with more powerful machines: 7624 Massey Ferguson (235 HP) and tractor Fendt 936 (360 HP).

Another premiere is the Italian telescopic loaders Dieci. There are 5 models on the pavilion. Maneuverable and compact machines can lift from 2.6 to 21 tons of cargo up to a height of 25 meters. Telescopes can easily cope with loading and unloading operations, moving bales, raising building materials, cleaning snow and many other tasks. They will get to the working place at speeds up to 40 km/h. Machines are equipped with four-wheel drive and full-turn wheels (formula 4×4×4). They can turn on the spot and even move sideways («crab move»). Due to the large selection of attachments (bucket, rake, mixer, grapples, work platforms, bulldozer dumps, agricultural and fork truck), you can use them all year round.

Total area of the exposition of Bizon was more than 2,000 square meters, introduced about 30 units of equipment. Besides combines, tractors and self-propelled forklifts, here you could see fertilizer spreaders, sprayers, plows, harrows, cultivators, seeders, balers of Russian and foreign production. All equipment is aimed to increase crop yields and decrease production costs.

A special place was occupied by the stand of spare parts. The company have got about 30 thousand items. Bizon works directly with factories, bypassing intermediaries. Thus, a combine or tractor consists of approximately 70% of the parts produced by related factories. So the accessories purchased directly from the manufacturer will cost much less. It is equally important to ensure smooth functioning of machines in the field. Responsible for this the service center: 7 representative offices in the South of the country and more than 40 mobile crews are ready to go to the farm on the first call.

The main aim of participation of company Bizon in the exhibition is to show the direction of technical modernization of agriculture. To help choose the machines that is most suitable for agricultural production, will bring farmers a profit for years. «When they compare, they choose us,« — say in the company.

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