The company Bizon and DSTU opened a training classroom of modern agriculture

19 May 2020

The company Bizon in conjunction with Don State Technical University to prepare highly qualified specialists to created a training classroom of modern agriculture at the faculty of «Agricultural». The audience equipped with mock-ups, stands and multimedia equipment, allowing get acquainted with new technologies in agriculture and the machines that are needed for their implementation.

The company Bizon and DSTU opened a training classroom of modern agriculture

— Future agricultural specialists should study not only the technology of yesterday and today, but tomorrow too, — said Sukhovenko Sergey, general director of company Bizon. — So that by the time they receive the diploma, they are free to understand in modern agricultural processes, they could be properly managed and their knowledge was relevant for any economy.

Every year, the intellectual component in the agricultural sector is becoming more and moresignificant. First of all now agriculture is, high-precision measurements, aimed at improving the efficiency of agribusiness. Therefore in the classroom emphasis made on innovations in the field of tillage, sowing, fertilizing and means plant protection, precision farming. The study of agricultural technologies on specific examples will allow students to improve the quality of knowledge and skills as well. Project investment exceeded 5 million rubles.

— We have opened a classroom which absolutely unique to the south of Russia, — Besarion Meskhi emphasized, Rector of DSTU. — The classroom will help us train highly qualified specialists for work on new equipment and new technologies, and this is an important task for our agricultural region.

The audience (180 sq. M.) is designed for 50 listeners. It is divided into platforms for lecture and practical classes. Students will be able to master theoretical courses, device machines and individual mechanisms, learn how to control technology in a virtual space, get acquainted with the principles of growing the main crops. Participation in the process Teachers will be accepted by Bizon staff. The final score will depend on the level to which students will be able to develop a control agricultural enterprise.

— Rostov region is one of the leaders in the acquisition of regions agricultural machinery, — said Viktor Goncharov, First Deputy Governor of Rostov area. — Over the past five years, Don agrarians acquired almost five thousand tractors, three thousand combines, and about ten thousand other agricultural machinery. It modern high-performance and resource-saving agricultural machines requiring from specialists the necessary knowledge during their operation. Therefore, today it is very important teach future engineers and technologists not only the basic basics of operating machines and equipment, but also provide an opportunity to get acquainted with innovative solutions in this area.

The company Bizon and DSTU are considering a joint educational initiative as one of the prime examples of public-private partnerships that provides the parties will have unique opportunities and will contribute to the development of the agricultural sector of the Rostov region.

The opening of the classroom is provided for in the partnership agreement relations between the company Bizon and DSTU, signed in 2017 in the presence of Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev. Under the contract, students are already taking an active part in the work of the enterprise and carry out educational and scientific activity based on production experience.

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