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Technical rules

Only tractors, which construction corresponds to the technical regulations of competition may participate in tractor races Bizon- Track -Show. Tight specifications for sport cars are caused by providing the safety of pilots and spectators. All tractors are required to undergo the inspection of Russian State Technical Authority and Quality Control Dept. in «Bison» company. In case of violations’ detection, the team is not allowed to participate in races.

General requirements:

  • Model of tractor: MTZ-80, MTZ-82, Belarus-826, −892, −920, −952 and their modifications.
  • Three-point safety belt.
  • Safety rails (sketches will be sent on request).
  • Helmet for the pilot.
  • Medical certificate and tractor driver’s license.
  • State registration plate and technical inspection certificate for the current year.
  • Compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance (for cars registered in Russia).
  • Documents for the tractor.

Requirements to brake system:

  • Compliance with effective braking norms specified in technical specifications to the tractor.
  • Absence of pressurization leakage in hydraulic, pneumatic or air-hydraulic brake gears.
  • Operating of manometers in pneumatic or air-hydraulic brake gears.
  • Ability to provide the fixed position of tractor on slopes.
  • Absence of remakes in brake gear of driving axle.

Requirements to steering system:

  • Summary play compliance with technical characteristics of tractor steering system.
  • Absence of components and parts movements, which are not required by design.

Requirements to outside lighting:

  • Compliance of quantity, type, color, location and operation of external lighting with tractor design requirements.
  • Absence of red lighting and red button lights in front of the tractor.
  • Absence of white lighting and white button lights at the rear of the tractor, besides backing-up lights and license plate lights

Requirements to window wipers:

  • Operation of window wipers and washers in accordance with design tractor specifications. The tank washer must be filled with water.

Requirements to wheels and tyres:

  • Tires must have a residual height of tread pattern not less than stated in technical specifications of the tractor.
  • Absence of damage on tires.
  • Absence of cracks on wheel plate and rim.
  • Availability of all screws and nuts for wheels mounting.
  • Size and permissible load capacity of tyres must be in full compliance with a model of tractor.

Requirements to engine:

  • Absence of leaks in the fuel supply system.
  • No violations in exhaust system.
  • It is recommended to take measures on preventing the water ingress into engine

Other requirments:

  • Presence of rear-view mirrors and glass.
  • Normal work of sound signal.
  • No objects and coatings which may cause bad visibility from the driver’s seat or impair glass transparency.
  • Normal condition of locks on the doors of cab.
  • Presence of antisplash aprons and mudguards designed for the tractor.
  • Normal operation of road holding and coupling devices.
  • Aid kit and fire extinguisher in the tractor (installation only in standard holders).
  • Normal condition of warning triangle (flashing light).
  • Proper mounting of the battery in standard holder. Free access to the switch «mass.»
  • No extra or non-mounted objects in the cab (tools, jack, spare parts, etc.).


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